Do You Read Me? at The Boys School Smock Alley Theatre, ABSOLUT Fringe 2o11.


Written By: Shaun Dunne
Directed by: Oonagh Murphy
Assistant Director and Choreography: Aisling Byrne
Set Design: Grace O’ Hara
Lighting Design: Zia Holly
Performed by: Lisa Walsh, Siobhán Cullen and Shaun Dunne


Talking Shop Ensemble are re-aligning their chakras

Shaun Dunne is reacquainting with the dead…


The people of Ireland have nowhere to turn. Revelation after revelation has left us with much disillusionment and little hope to hold onto.

It looks like it is back to square one for everyone.

A psychic medium is a person who believes that they can communicate with the departed. In a time where we are being forced to reinvestigate everything we have ever known; we at Talking Shop are willing to give anything a go.

We want you to know what happened us this summer.
It’s scary. It’s exciting.
But most of all; its true.
What do you do when the bottom falls through?

This form flipping piece of documentary theatre aims to shed light on a culture in Ireland that we don’t speak about enough. We’ve walked away from the church, we still don’t trust the Dáil but our spirituality may be all we have left.

Following the success of I am a Homebird (It’s Very Hard); Talking Shop Ensemble and Shaun Dunne are back; this time exploring habit and religion, ritual and superstition and the questions we ask about where we go from here


I AM A HOMEBIRD (IT’S VERY HARD) @ Project Arts Centre April 2011, Solstice @ Cork Midsummer Festival June 2011 and Electric Picnic Festival September 2011.

Shaun feels like he has to emigrate, but he really wants to stay.

He is 22.

He is from the North Inner City.

He has a degree,

Since he graduated, he has been watching everyone he grew up with emigrate, one by one.

Shaun grew up with his twin sister, and just this month, she has left Ireland for a new life in Australia. Over the last two years, Shaun’s friends have left for Germany, England, Scotland and France.

Shaun wants his generation to give Ireland one more chance. Sometimes he feels like he’s fighting a losing battle.

He doesn’t want us to give up. He doesn’t want YOU to go.

He has a lot to say- so he has written a play, and he performs in it too… Riffing on pop-culture parallels and with perhaps one too many references to Girls Aloud- Shaun is trying to start a movement.

I am a Home Bird (IT’S VERY HARD) is a conversation. It’s a letter from a member of “the forgotten generation” to the country that he loves. A country that expects to lose 50,000* citizens by the end of this year alone.

Are we fucked? Or are we just fucking off?

It’s time we sat down and talked this through.

Booking Information:

Dates: 10th to16th April 2011

Previews: 6th-9th April 2011

Matinee: 16th April 2011

Time: 8.15pm (matinee 3pm)

Tickets: €12/€10

Booking: +353 1 881 9613

*according to the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) report, January 2011

Directed by Oonagh Murphy

Performed by Shaun Dunne, Lisa Walsh & Ellen Quinn Banville

Designed by Zia Holly & Ciaran O’Melia

Choreographed by Aisling Byrne

I am a Home Bird (It’s Very Hard) is supported in kind by Project Arts Centre and Rough Magic Hub.

FAT at ABSOLUT Fringe 2010

Players Theatre,

As part of ABSOLUT Fringe 2010

Devised by: Talking Shop Ensemble

Directed by: Oonagh Murphy

Choreographed by: Aisling Byrne

Designed by: Grace O’ Hara

Cast Includes: Lisa Walsh, Stephen Quinn, Louise Melinn and Dan Bergin.

Fat is about FAT is about skinny bitches, skinny lattes and skinny jeans. FAT is about the leftover pizza you had for breakfast. FAT is learning HOW TO LOOK GOOD NAKED. FAT is video chat. Channel hopping. wots ur name sxy?

FAT is looking at photos of strangers on Facebook, and LOL-ing. FAT is skinny, ugg-mug, butter-face and junk-in-the-trunk.

FAT is about being trapped in the television. And not sure of the way out.

FAT is being, watching, and being watched. Talking Shop are trying to see if they can even make theatre about FAT.

And they want you to watch them as they try.

Ann and Barry: What Kind of Time Do You Call This? at ABSOLUT Fringe 2009

NCAD, Thomas Street.

as part of ABSOLUT Fringe 2009

Devised by Talking Shop Ensemble

Written and Directed by Oonagh Murphy

Choreographed by: Aisling Byrne

Designed by: Robert Sinnott

Cast Includes: Lisa Walsh, Elliot Moriarty, Kathryn O’ Hart, Christiane O’ Mahoney and Geraldine Maguire,

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