Wilinda’s return, awards nommo’s and Tradesmen take over THE LIR

This week is full of excitement. Not only does it mark the return of THE AWARD WINNING Shaun Dunne and Lauren Larkin (AKA Willie and Linda)  from a months stint in Ozzyland, (as if that wasn’t ENOUGH) but also will see us Talking Shopper’s ditching the snickers, and downing the toolboxes to attend the uber-glamorous ERICS (pretty much Ireland’s Oscars, except better) where we are nominated for Best Theatrical Production of the year. Here are Willie and Linda on the other side of the equator, where they happened upon glamorous, hat-toting Emma Fraser, also known as Death of the Tradesman’s costume designer. Image

Aren’t they lovely?

And its a very good thing they are coming home. As they are just in time to begin the move into their brand new kitchen situated at none other than THE LIR.from the 12th- 16th February at 7.30pm nightly…

Yes in case we haven’t bragged excitedly enough already, Talking Shop and Shaun Dunne were the lucky recipients of ABSOLUT FRINGE 2012’s Lir Revival Award (as well as the Fishamble New Writing award, and a Spirit of the Fringe nomination) Which means another chance to catch everybody’s favorite tradescouple negotiating the tense terrain of unemployment, as they worry that the suction on the hoover…just isn’t there anymore. You really don’t want to miss it. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the critics said:

Smart, effective and authentic… an audience would want to have hearts of stone to not be touched by a story that strikes home, in more ways than one.” The Irish Times

“an almost wondrous piece of theatre… beautiful and imaginative” The Irish Independent

“A moving reflection on working-class identity, family relations, the marginalization of skilled labourers and tradesmen, and the collapse of the Celtic Tiger as intimately refracted through the marriage of two people”  ★★★★ Exeunt Magazine

“Stark, uncompromising and authentic” worldirish.com

“Dunne possesses an endearing sincerity and Larkin has a presence and honesty few young actresses can match” ★★★★ entertainment.ie

“Thought-provoking, entertaining. Amusing, poignant and ambitious.” thejournal.ie 

“a story told with impassioned honesty and straightforwardness…” Irish Theatre Magazine

If THAT didn’t convince you, this just might. Look at that face.. (Thanks Sean Kennedy)

blog post

And now all that’s left is to collect Willie and Linda from the airport, decide what we are wearing to the ERICS, and feel sorry for anyone who has to give a speech in the week following Jodie Foster’s.. OH AND ALSO to show you where to get your tickets:




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