Shaun looking moody and broody perched over a toolbox? It can only mean one thing. DEATH OF THE TRADESMEN IS BACK. Already.

After a day spent loading toolboxes into a touring van,  the NEWLY AWARD WINNING (capitals to denote the excitement that still permeates such a prefix) Talking Shop  are getting ready and set (or should that be getting the set ready?) for a whirlwind weekend trip to Galway. Fresh from a fantastic Fringe which saw Tradesmen accumulate the inaugural Lir Revival Award, Fishamble New Writing award and a Spirit of the Fringe nomination, we are very excited to be embarking on first ever collaboration with Galway Theatre Festival.

We are running for 2 NIGHTS ONLY (Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th and 8.30pm) at the Town Hall Theatre (Studio Space) and would really very much like it if you could join us.

Tickets can be found by clicking HERE

Want to know what the critics said?

“Smart, effective and authentic… an audience would want to have hearts of stone to not be touched by a story that strikes home, in more ways than one.” The Irish Times

“an almost wondrous piece of theatre… beautiful and imaginative” The Irish Independent

“A moving reflection on working-class identity, family relations, the marginalization of skilled labourers and tradesmen, and the collapse of the Celtic Tiger as intimately refracted through the marriage of two people”  ★★★★ Exeunt Magazine

“Stark, uncompromising and authentic”

“Dunne possesses an endearing sincerity and Larkin has a presence and honesty few young actresses can match” ★★★★

“Thought-provoking, entertaining. Amusing, poignant and ambitious.” 

“a story told with impassioned honesty and straightforwardness…” Irish Theatre Magazine

See you there 🙂





One thought on “GALWAY- ARE YOU READY?

  1. Hi,

    I was at “Death of the Tradesmen” at the Town Hall last weekend and I thought it was really good. My girlfriend liked it a lot as well. It was funny when you said your dad was a carpet-fitter and that you were a theatre-maker. That made it sound like you build theatres for a living. Anyway, thumbs up.

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