TITLE Residency at Solstice Cork

Shaun’s TITLE Residency at Solstice Cork

We are excited, delighted, and will quite possibly be a little bit tearful (sniff) to be waving our Shaun off to Cork for the entire month of June, where he is set to take part in Solstice Cork’s amazing new residency TITLE. Shaun will be working hard, under the fantastic mentorship of Thomas Conway and other Cork based artists, towards the creation of a work-in-progress production that will be performed as part of Solstice on the 1st of July. 

“Death of the Tradesmen” is the piece I am developing about unemployed tradesmen in their fifties in Dublin and Ireland. The piece is inspired mainly by my father, a carpet-fitter who has been largely unemployed for the past five years. Following the collapse of the Irish economy and property industry, the tradesmen I am looking to represent are men who suddenly found themselves hand to mouth, arguing in dole offices and pleading with relieving officers. They are men who returned to education and started engaging with computers for the first time very recently. My main impulse lies in creating a document, a performance, that chronicles the lives and educations of these tradesmen from broke, to boom and back to bust again.”

It’s an idea we have been getting very excited about at Talking Shop over the past few months and we think you will too. Watch this space and in the meantime, take a peek at the Solstice website to find out more.

PS: Want to buy tickets to the work-in-progress showing? Click Here. and we’ll be seeing you in the Rebel County…


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