do you read me? rehearsals.

Week three: 

The show evolves from a large sprawling tangle of ideas; it curls up it’s edges and tightens it’s centre, and starts to feel like something solid, something layered, complex, structured. It is a product of a mad few months, of events, changes, of what happens when things happen.

Things happen to us – a visit to a computer repair shop and a sleepover in a hospital. More frequently, things happen to ideas. They move around, slide about in the space, on the page, in our heads while we try to sleep.

Ideas come as text – Shaun writes. He writes during the day and after we leave at night. He puts text to ideas – moving towards performance – we add sound, light, bodies. Ideas come as we learn more. We read about chakras. We decide which of our chakras is ‘outta whack’. We do yoga. We dance to Snoop Dogg. We watch psychic Sally on Sky Plus. We try to tell the story without words. We talk about the Church. Recurring words are – belief, disappointment, comfort, habit, affect, angels.

The image of an angel recurs.

The dynamic in the room is that we explore all of the various ideas and see whats in them – what theatrical moments are there, what images, what sounds, what event occurs when we put them on their feet. We improvise; riff; jam. The piece evolves. We change one thing – everything falls in to place. We change another – it all comes apart.

There is a lot of laughing. It feels momentous, like it should be underscored by an anthem. We print new scripts and make a cup of tea. We read the new draft and make plans for the new week.


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