The Year of Magical Questioning

Questions. We have a lot of them. At the moment, at Talking Shop we’re asking a lot of questions.

We’re trying to get alot of answers. We’ve been reading our horoscopes. We’ve been wondering what our granny would say. We’ve been saluting magpies. And investing far too much in the lyrics of Lykke Li’s new album. See there’s a lot going on. It’s been a hectic few months for all of us.

But more than that, we’re all caught up in our next project. Its leading us into the sort of creative obsessive spiral that you find yourself in when you know that something you’re working on is a little bit magic.

Yesterday, Shaun visited a medium. He visited a medium to see what he’d say. He visited a medium to see what happened there. To see why people go to talk to mediums. Again, more questions…

Shaun came to me with this idea. He wants to know why – why we ask why?

Our next project is about belief. About coping. About seeking reassurance. Making Home Bird was a huge break-through for us a group of artists. Our aim has always been to make theatre that connects specifically to the now, that tries to articulate something of what it is to be living here, now. With Home Bird, the conversations that it initiated showed us just how much people want to connect with what they come to see. Audiences want to talk about what we’re doing, but more than that, we all want to talk about where we’ve found ourselves.

A huge idea that ran through Home Bird was the idea that we’ve all been told as Grace Dyas would say ‘the sky fell in’, that the partys over, that we’re fucked, that theres no way out. But then as Shaun argues ‘you walk out on your street and everything looks the same’. Because people are getting over the shock of the meltdown. We’re getting on with it. We’ve stuck our heads above the ground, looked around and discovered people are still going about their business.

We’re coping.

How humans react to crisis and change is fascinating. Habits and belief-systems. Superstitions and rituals. Obsessions and compulsions.

So we’re making a show about it. What it will look like, feel like, sound like or do, we don’t know. We still have a lot of questions which is as good a place to start as any.


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