Oh hey. Hiya. We’re still here. We’re still in the country. And we’ve got something to show you.

Talking Shop Ensemble & Shaun Dunne present
Should we stay or should we go?
We need to know; should we stay or should we go? 

A conversation with a city that feels empty.
A post card from the ones who couldn’t stay.

Trapped between Terminal 2 and a very hard place-
We feel like Nadine Coyle and are caught in a rat race-
To where? Anywhere.
As long as it’s out of here.

was born off the back of one too many
going away parties.

Shaun feels like he has to emigrate, but he really wants to stay.
He is 22.

He is from the North Inner City.

He has a degree,

Since he graduated, he has been watching everyone he grew up with emigrate, one by one.

Shaun grew up with his twin sister, and just this month, she has left Ireland for a new life in Australia. Over the last two years, Shaun’s friends have left for Germany, England, Scotland and France.

Shaun wants his generation to give Ireland one more chance. Sometimes he feels like he’s fighting a losing battle.

He doesn’t want us to give up. He doesn’t want YOU to go.

He has a lot to say- so he has written a play, and he performs in it too… Riffing on pop-culture parallels and with perhaps one too many references to Girls Aloud- Shaun is trying to start a movement.

I am a Home Bird (IT’S VERY HARD) is a conversation. It’s a letter from a member of “the forgotten generation” to the country that he loves. A country that expects to lose 50,000* citizens by the end of this year alone.

Are we fucked? Or are we just fucking off?

It’s time we sat down and talked this through.

Booking Information:

Dates: 10th to16th April 2011

Previews: 6th-9th April 2011

Matinee: 16th April 2011

Time: 8.15pm (matinee 3pm)

Tickets: €12/€10

Booking: +353 1 881 9613 www.projectartscentre.ie

*according to the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) report, January 2011

Directed by Oonagh Murphy

Performed by Shaun Dunne, Lisa Walsh & Ellen Quinn Banville

Designed by Zia Holly & Ciaran O’Melia

Choreographed by Aisling Byrne

I am a Home Bird (It’s Very Hard) is supported in kind by Project Arts Centre and Rough Magic Hub.


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