I am a Home Bird (It’s Very Hard) was presented as part of THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON (VOLUME II). The festival was a great opportunity in many ways.


Getting the chance to present ideas as work-in-development is something we have learnt to love to do. Initially it seems daunting. The ideas are unfinished, premature, close to your heart. Its difficult to trust that they will meet an audience, and they will represent the seeds of a bigger show. However, our experience at Project Brand New helped us hugely in developing the work – seeing how things look outside the rehearsal room and on the stage, gaining feedback about creative choices, creating a dialogue with an audience about the issue. So we jumped at the chance to do something similar as part of the festival a month later when THEATREclub programmed us as a New Release in their massive line-up at the MACHINE.

As a result, we got to start a dialogue with other young artists. It was a chance to see emerging and developing work, have critical conversations, get feedback, make connections, have a dance with other headbangers and poke new people on Facebook. There’s a great thing happening in Dublin theatre at the moment, and we got to present work as part of a festival that is very much at the heart of it. It spoke to the core of what we’re saying in Home Bird.

Stop leaving. Stop leaving. Stay here and make things better.



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